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04 January 2015

 Night & Day

Chris Ofili, Annunciation, The New Museum, Jan 2015

I reach to your branch.
I reach around wet bark
and beg to be razed.

Your black eyes burn
me up to cinders, ashes,
screaming on the rock.

I want your hands:
my skin disintegrates
ashen back to earth.

Chris Ofili, _Nirvana, The New Museum, Jan 2015

Your hand on my leg
burns through to bone taking with
it all my tears.

Day covers night
like a woman and her man; he
is taken away.

Chris Ofili, The New Museum, Jan 2015

Your sand skin sees
my otherwise unknown: this
body, dawn broken.

Salamander mine,
Deep in this soil: also
Mine, also yours.


  1. Beautiful and powerful, Mariah.
    Thank you for sharing.

  2. Thank you! may i ask who this is?