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18 October 2014

There is simply no way you are getting enough poetry...


Space where air should be is
All around you, but no air.
A giant in the night, Orion gasps,
Launching himself
At wisdom.
Athena laughs at him
And his empty pack -
Arrows loosed
All over the galaxy
Falling like brittle leaves
To earth.

She reads the sky like braille
And translates it to Modern Japanese - in haiku.
Orion lumbers through the night,
His pride in knots all around his ankles.
The Pleiades are watching and giggling,
Athena still reciting poetry.

Tumbling over his moccasins, Orion lands
In the River Styx,
Only too glad to go home.
Life on Earth was

Too difficult to figure out. –

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